Brand Matters

Unlike shopping for clothes and accessories, I don’t have any idea of brands when it comes to choosing musical instruments and mixers. We are just grateful that we have the internet which makes browsing and reading reviews about products so much easier.

Of course, we always ask the opinion of musician friends. One time I was browsing through a site and found gemini mixers from guitar center. I thought the reviews were excellent and the brand is widely used by musicians worldwide.

Although some people think brands don’t really matter, I think it still does to me.

Looking for Practice Amps

I am in search for a good practice amplifier that my son can use at home. He has been learning songs on his own lately and in order for him to properly hear how he sounds, I guess he needs a small practice amplifier. Aside from window shopping for one, I have also been doing my own research online.

I found tech 21 amps to be a good choice, but I am still searching for the best option. I hope to find something really small that he can use in his room and not disturb others– from time to time we have guests staying over we really don’t want them to have sleepless nights! :)

My Journey to Fitness and Weight Loss

There are so many ways to lose weight. I would like to share my journey here. First of all, I would like to say that I’ve never done diet pills. I think it’s way too risky and I could not trust in something that might work for others but might not work for me.

The two ways I have done so far in accomplishing my weight loss goals is to eat regular healthy meals and to exercise. Lately I have been cooking Paleo foods for my family, something that I am so proud of. So far I have lost quite a lot of weight already and I just keep going until I reach my ideal weight.

About exercising, I am so guilty of not doing it religiously. I should buy those zumba DVDs or download them online. I was actually planning to buy bigsby vibratos at guitar center for Schenker but I guess that can wait! :)

Longer Holidays, Please!

As the Chinese New Year was fast-approaching I was so excited about resting, cooking and spending some quality time with my family. I have been a stay-at-home mom for 10 years and I wish I could tell you how difficult it was to go back to work, beating deadlines and having to be out of the house the whole day!

I am a lot adjusted now but these long holidays bring back so much great memories of my being a SAHM. So if you’d ask me how I spent my CNY holiday, I had longer sleep (yay) and yes, I did cook… a lot! I wish I had time to replace those locking drawer slides in the kids’ drawers, though.

I loved CNY this year but I hope it’s not too much to ask if I’d ask for longer holidays, please! :)