Car Care Between Oil Changes

Every car owner understands the importance of regular oil changes. The oil change protects the engine from damage and prolongs the life expectancy of the component and the car as well.  Most drivers need an oil change every 3,000 to 7,000 miles to keep their car in great shape. But, in between those oil changes, make sure you further take care of your car. Use the car care tips below for success.

Vehicle Inspection

At least weekly, inspect the vehicle to look for anything that is out of place, broken, or missing. Lug nuts come loose and other damage can occur when the vehicle is parked or even when it is being driven each day. Keep troubles minimal by taking a look at the car on a regular basis.

Schedule Service

Schedule preventive maintenance with the car mechanic sterling va as recommended in the owner’s manual for your model vehicle. Spark plugs and spark plug wire changes, transmission fluid changes, and other service is needed to keep the car running efficiently.

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Check the Fluids

Check all of the fluids in the car to make sure they do not need to be topped off. If the fluids are low it is important to rectify this problem before major damage occurs or before it causes trouble to erupt in your life.

Listen to the Car

Although the car will not speak when you listen, it will emit many sounds that should alert you to trouble. You know your car better than anyone else, so when something just doesn’t sound right, take action. When there are unusual, loud noises when the car is switched on, there is a problem that you shouldn’t ignore. Brakes, power steering, and engine problems all cause noises before the final breakdown.