How to Protect Your Car From Tree Sap Damage

Tree sap contains nutrients and minerals to a tree’s survival, but this ‘tree blood’ wreaks havoc on any vehicle. Xylem and phloem both produce the sap that sticks to your vehicle like glue. Although you should probably call an arborist if your tree is leaking sap because it is a sign that the tree is damaged, infested by pests, or has a disease, we’ll focus here on caring for tree sap damage on a car.

Best Ways to Protect Your Car

The best line of defense against tree sap is to avoid parking your car underneath trees, especially the pine tree. It’s probably also ideal to avoid parking near the vicinity of the tree to further reduce the risk of tree sap damage to your vehicle. But, there are many other simple steps that can help protect the car from tree sap damage.

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Polish the Car

Car polish enhances the sheen and the shine of your vehicle. It helps remove dirt, grease and grime and can even minimize those small scratches. It is a great additive to a car that protects the paint and keeps it looking it best. Once the car is polished, finish up with a thin coat of wax.

Bug & Tar Removers

Visit the nearest car care center to view their wide selection of bug and tar removers. Choose a product suitable to your needs and use it when washing the car at home or when you simply want to revamp the car’s great style.

Visit the Car Wash

Car wash professionals are experts in car care. They know how frustrating tree sap can be when it accumulates over the car. They have the skills and tools to ensure that the sap is properly removed from the car so there is no risk of damage. Take your car to the car wash montgomery!